Can I make a confession that I love English soooo much than you ever know ? Well, I know there is nothing to do with my topic for today but ermm I just want to let you know. Hehe.

These days I love listening to British’s accent and reading English’s novels like crazy and  I hope I  have a very good English before 2017 ends !

Time goes by and my love towards English grows like crazy. I will always try my best to talk in English with people, type my tweets in English, reply to people who whatsapp me in English ( just if they start the conversation in English and those who really close with  me, we will have conversation in english. I am very grateful to have this supportive environment. I know there are some people out there who want to have confident talking in English but they don’t have the supportive environment that can make their wish come true and what can I say for you, make sure you have a good circle of friends who spread positivity to you. A good circle of friends is very very important ! )  and talk in front of mirror in English sometimes. Hahaha. Does that insane enough ? I will try to come out with good ideas to talk about.  No lie, I have done this for months ! I know you might find this ridiculous if you have been talking in english with your family and friends in english for ages or enter debate, drama, choral speaking and so on at school for years but if you want to keep reading this,  I really hope you try to understand how I feel. =)

On December 2015, I went to England and live in West Byfleet for almost three weeks maybe and then we moved to Guildford. If you type in Google ‘West Byfleet’, it will state that West Byfleet is a village but actually in my point of view it is a town like Parit Buntar. I stayed in UK from 18 Nov to 23 Dec and it was because my mom had her sabbatical leave at University Of Surrey for 9 months but I only went there during my long school holidays which are on December. I skipped my school for a week if I am not mistaken since I have done with my final exam. So, when my mom was working from Monday to Friday and we ( Danial & I ) have nothing to do, my mom book a personal english tutor for me and Danial. Do you find it cool for me to learn with English teacher ? Lol ! The fee is very expensive literally and imagine on that time we needed to time seven because of the currency difference. We learned basic english from grammar to vocabulary. I was 16 and my brother was 13 but we learn like what kindergaten or primary school students learn. Hahaha. Even though, I felt very dissapointed about this but Danial and I felt so bad to tell this issue to our mom. Every time my mom asked us how the class was, we will say okay. Was that insane enough ? My mom spent so much money for us but it turned out to no avail. We had six hours class which is three hours will be in class and another three hours, we will learn outside the classroom. All in all, even though she taught us Basic English, the entire basic one I remember until now and I will try not to make mistake on that to these days. So, she is one of the teachers who improved my english ! 😀

Lesson : When you need to learn anything in this world, either things that you have known for ages or not, just learn ! They benefit you one day and you will be thankful for that moments. =)

Image result for west byfleet

  You probably can spot West Byfleet right ?

Image result for west byfleet

On the way to the train station from our house, we need to cross this bridge.

Anyway, it will take approximately fifteen minutes to the train station but we always enjoy the walk because of the cold weather and the stunning view !

Image result for west byfleet

I miss standing there waiting for the train either to London., Woking or Guildford ! :’D

Image result

 T hen we will buy some groceries here and sometimes we went here without our mom ! It was safe, no worries.

I will try to share with you as much as possible, how the six hours class went. I had class from 9 to 4 and break on 12 to 1. Danial and I was taught by the owner of the house that my mom rent for a room using Airbnb which will be much cheaper instead of staying in hotel. So, in the morning which is from 9 – 12, she will teach us in her house. We did scrap book, learn basic grammar, learned new words using flashcards, listened to British’s accent and then we need to answer some questions based on what we have listened, did some reading comprehensions and at the same time find all the words that we don’t know and did some short essays about the topic that she gave us. It was really fun and I miss them a lot !

Image result for scrapbook

For the scrapbook, we need to write what we did from day one we touched down at London to the last day of her class. I am not an art person, so you probably can imagine how my scrapbook looked like so I took that photo from google. Hahaha. I still have the scrapbook with me but nah I won’t show it to you. :p

Then, during the break hour I will pray my zohor prayer and have lunch. That one hour break will go very fast so we always in rush especially when we played our phone for thirthy minutes and didn’t realise when the time passed. Hahaha. Most of the time she cooked for our lunch (oops, now you know that I am not good in cooking.) which my mom will make a stock for one week and sometimes we will go out for eat and we will go to laundrette to do some laundry but then we need to be really quick ! Once in a while, she did drive us to Woking to buy our favourite food there.

 Done with the break time, in the evening which is from 1 to 4 we will be given a task to complete. For example, she will give us a a map to explore the place and completed all the questions about the place that we explored. Other than that, she will drop us at supermarket and we need to the same thing like I told you before which is answer all the questions and little do we know, we did  learn lots of things from that. There are some vegetables and fruits that I don’t even know their names. Hahaha. Then, if we were not going out we will watch movies and at the same time list all the words we don’t know again and need to be prepared for discussion about the movie. We also went to a Mercedes-Benz showroom. It has three levels which is very huge  and there are lots of history of the cars and Mercedes-Benz cars from the old design to the latest one. Then, we need to read the history and complete the questions given.  Oh dear, of course we were not forget to take photos ! We did go to library, shopping mall and sometimes she brought us to a very nice place to have English tea and scons and explore some decorations for Christmas. There was one day we spent the whole day at Stonhenge and once we back, we need to complete some questions as usual .

Image result for scones and tea

Scons and English tea.

The tea is justtt nice and from here my family and I rarely put sugar in our tea until now. Will you believe me ?  If you followed me on twitter, you probably know that I don’t have sugar in my house for sooooo long and yes, it is because we have used to it when we were in England. =)



Image result for stonehenge


Besides, I want to show you  my photos at Stonehenge and The Mercedes-Benz shop that I told you but I can’t find it in this computer. Sorry .

I think that’s all for today, wish you have a great day .

Thank you for reading and I hope you will excuse my bloody sentence structure, I am still learning but you may comment down below to correct my sentences. No offence. =)

Lots of love,




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