As I have promised on my twitter account, so here it is !!!!!

You probably laughing to me, when you read my tittle but to me it is still a moment to be remembered. I am not really working like how you think, it is more like I am helping my father in his pharmacy. I come whenever I want and I don’t know where my self-discipline has gone, don’t ask. Hahaha. Like any SPM leavers are I prefer to stay at home doing nothing ( or am I the only one who prefered this ? ) and it is quite bad because what if I have used to it and suddenly on April I will enroll to university and need to handle lots of stuff. From assignments to lecture classes and …..  you name it for the others.

So, back to the main topic. On January,  I am only working for two days ( there is a long gap between the first and second day ) out of thirthy one days. Lol !

It was freaking tiring. Even though I just need to smile to the customers, asked them what can I help them and stuff, it was tiring to me and recently I found out that I have a low blood pressure which will make me get tired easily. It might be because of that, who knows right ? *wink* #somuchexcusesthisgirl

During my working hours, the most embarrassing moment was, when I need to smile to any guys between my age. I mean it is necessary just to keep my dad’s pharmacy reputation. So, they’ll come again and again because of the warm welcome that I gave. #cewah But, if they don’t come again, there must be something and I need to find out what has happened. Maybe, they find the prices are quite expensive compared to others, unfriendly staff, the cleanliness or anything else that make sense. Oh wait, I’m lost now ….. how to keep track with what I am writing ? I was talking about the embarrassing moment just now and without explaining the reason, I go this far now. Oh dear ! So, if you know me well, I am not that friendly with any guys in this world unless you’re my classmates or you’re an easy going person. But, what I’m going to say here is, you won’t see me smiling to any guy unless in the pharmacy. I won’t even look at you but in the pharmacy I need to do that and honestly, it was very awkward. It is okay when it comes to uncle but to smile at someone between my age erm I’m not used to it or maybe it is only me who feel awkward about it. Then, I am such a weirdo.  -_____-“

Moving on from the awkward + embarrassing moment I had gone through during my working hours, we back to when I was 17.  One of my to-do-list after I finished my SPM is to wok either in pharmacy or bookshop. I find it is quite cool to work both places because of the environment, I want to have an experience on how my dad has been working for a living and for the bookshop, it is because I love books and stationaries so much ! Is that weird ? But, it is hard to find job nowadays because they want someone who can work for years and not for months plus with I  need to have my own transportation. I don’t really mind about the salary because I don’t have any commitment yet. So, money is not my first reason why I want to work but it is because of the experience that I will gain during the working hours. Experience is the most valuable after all, am I right ?

On my first day working, I was working from six to ten and on the second day, I was working from one to ten and both made me exhausted ! I was standing + smiling most of the time and now I am  wondering how my parents could work from Monday to Friday without complaining they are exhausted and instead they will be back home with a big smile. We definitely need a lot more of strong + positive people like these in this world !

These two days working experience in a pharmacy make me dream of having a pharmacy degree from a prestigious and high ranking university in the world. Oh, then I wanted to work in Boots Pharmacy in London ! What a beautiful life is that ?!!





I am not going to see that boring medicines all the time but I am going to play with the beauty cosmetics stuff too ! Erm, a bit wondering now, am I going to work or play ?  But actually for now, I  don’t even know how to apply makeup on my face. Even a lipstick ! I will wipe my lip after putting on lipstick and it won’t last even for ten minutes and I will be wondering either I am a girl or not because I don’t like makeup to be on my face. I can’t imagine myself with makeup and I probably can’t resist my hand from touching my face. Whatever it is, I am going to show you that one day, I will have makeup on my face and you will amaze with how beautiful I could be. Hahaha. #sorry #overconfidence


With full of confidence because I will be putting on my make up on that time, I am ready to help you ! Oh, I can’t wait to wear that white coat too !!!



Lots of love,





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