When I was writing my first blog post, I didn’t put any high hope on it. I thought it will be less than 10 views, but today …………. Oh dear, you might not believe it, but yeah, I got 44 viewers everybody !!!! * jump to the sky *

Image result for happy face

Thank you guys !!!!!

I have no words to describe how happy I am when I got 44 viewers for my first blogpost today. Honestly, I am not good at writing. I don’t even know how to present it nicely and make people want to read it more and more. I have a lot of things to write but it turned out to no avail because I don’t know how to start and present it well. Not to mention, I also need a catchy tittle so people will feel the urge to read. I also got some pictures to put in my upcoming posts but whenever I want to put, I was like nah it doesn’t suit with what I’m writing.

Dear, I don’t even know it will be this frustrating to write a blogpost.  #prayforhanis

Once again, thank you so much for those who read my blog and gave positive comments about it. You have no idea how happy I am and you totally make my day ! Awh, God will definitely bless your kind soul. On the contrary,  I don’t mind if you want to correct my grammar mistakes or sentence structures that I’ve done throughout my  post.

Comment down below if you have any idea on what you want me to write for my next post, love!  🙂

Lots of love,



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